While they're not the most perfect match, Mages may find that the powerful lichies and sorcerers found in Maldraxxus are suitable for their skills. There are many different types of fighters on the battlefield in World of Warcraft needs to use a weapon, but the powerful frost magic of mage is sure to fit the WoTLK Gold aesthetic.

Ardenweald is the location of the afterlife for the various supernatural creatures within World of Warcraft, and the Night Fae play an important role in the care of the world. The Night Fae commit their lives to serving the spirits that pass through Ardenweald and strive to help heal and protect souls suffering from nightmares and injuries. Even though the Night Fae do not concern themselves with the spirits of humans as other covenants do, those who are connected to nature could feel that their mission is the most important of all.

It is believed that the Night Fae may have the obvious class to be a part in WotLK Classic, as that class is Druid. The Druids are already dedicated to the protection of nature throughout life thus serving nature after death is appropriate. The Night Fae also has a sub-group called the Wild Hunt, and this group is charged with the physical defense of the forest from the ravages of the outside world.

This means that the Hunter an ideal WoW class to join this covenant. Alongside Druid and Druid, both can fit into the forests of Ardenweald effortlessly. The connection that World of Warcraft's Shaman have formed with nature, as well as their devotion to defending the balance of the planet is what makes them a reasonable choice to join with the Night Fae.

Revendreth, which is the final region in WotLK Classic, is home to stray souls who are seeking to find redemption. Souls who committed various bad things in their past, and must pay for those mistakes if they want to avoid the maw. It is believed that the Venthyr are the covenant that is responsible for the rehabilitation of a spirit and many of their members were souls who were required to atone themselves. Because of this, people who have committed a wronged in their life make perfect candidates for becoming Venthyr.

All characters can need a reason to seek redemption, but the class they'll need to consider prioritizing atonement is that of the Demon Hunter. Demon Hunters use the fel magic of the Burning Legion in order to improve their skills, and the use of this forbidden magic may make people realize the wrong they did. Warlocks find themselves in a similar place, and their application of Demonology has been questioned for years in the eyes of different World of Warcraft classes. Both classes cross one side of the spectrum between evil and good, which makes them perfect choices. Finally, Rogues are reputed to have a lifestyle filled with deceit and fraud, meaning those character's may possess the sort of moral ambiguity which makes them a fantastic Venthyr.

There are legitimate motives for every class to join any kind of covenant, so players should feel free to select the one that interests players while they level. Some of the most attractive aesthetic choices for covenants do not necessarily provide the best mechanical fit, but players may still choose your WotLK Classic covenant that is based on their abilities and not the mythology. When it comes down to it, all four covenants are all working towards the same objective that is to defeat The Jailer. No which covenant the player buy WoTLK Gold join, they will have a chance to fight him.