websites. And after that, all of the other websites and Facebook page redirects you to the specific website where you can finally find & read the review about Gummies.

In my opinion, the review was not in detail. Only a short description was given on the website about the product and no references were mentioned for the product’s effectiveness. And the biggest thing that made me think about the genuinity of the product was no buy now link was working. And it is kind of alarming for a person who wants to buy the Wendolee Gummies.

I searched further and I found their Twitter account. But the issue is their Twitter account has only one twit that is too redirecting to this same website and the tweet was made 3 after before I am writing this article.

These are all details that I have found in my findings of Wendolee Gummies. I am not confirming that this is some fake product or not legit but I just wanted to order and I don’t find any place to make the order. This is my personal experience and I shared it with you all. How you take this depends on your understanding, my friend.






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