Internet connection is a necessity in today’s time. Everything is digitalized and online. You do need a good Wi-Fi connection for that which a router provides. Cox router is one such device. Their routers are efficient with inbuilt troubleshooting but sometimes you face issues like Cox router blinking orangeThe orange light indicates that the internet connection is not strong. When the router is working smoothly with access to high speed network, it blinks green light. But orange blinking light means some error. The lights on the router indicates about the internal condition of the router. There are different reasons due to which you can encounter such issue. It maybe because of service outage. There can a maintenance in your area which results in weak signal and can cause connectivity problems. The blinking orange light of the router can also be due to loose cable or wires connection. The cables and wires attached can be faulty or corrupted. Another cause of Cox Wi-Fi router blinking orange can be buggy router. But these are not any major issues and can be resolved through simple troubleshooting ways. Let’s have a look at some of the ways through which you can fix blinking orange light on the router.

Steps to fix blinking orange light of the router:

  • Check for any upgrades and update your router.
  • Restart the router and see if the light has turned yellow.
  • Check the splitter, if it is damaged remove the old splitter.
  • Connect the router and the modem through an Ethernet cable.
  • Reset the router to default settings and configure it again.
  • Contact your internet service providers regarding service outage and server error.

Restarting the router helps in most of the cases. It is a simple procedure that can resolve these issues. Here’s how you can perform it.

  • Turn off the router and make sure to disconnect all cables attached to it.
  • Disconnect the Ethernet cable connecting the router to the modem.
  • Wait for a few minutes and then connect all the cables to their specific slots carefully.
  • Turn on the router to check if it works.

Another step is to reset the router using the reset button. Thereafter, you can log in through default Cox gateway loginThe default IP address of the router is You can enter the same in a web browser of a device connected to the router. Then, login through the default credentials.