Here's how to make a fortune in Diablo 2's first season:All you have to do now is concentrate, pick up and sell items that were not particularly valuable before, but which are now more valuable due to your new skills, rebalance new rune words, and explore other mercenary options. Because of the changes and gains made by each class, the new construction has risen to the last part of the most popular position in the future popularity, so let's start with the first category of projects, the new rune words introduced in patch 2. 4, because in my opinion, many of them will be used, even if some of them become the best projects for several meta b. Let's start with the first category of projects, the new rune words introduced in patch 2. 4, because in my opinion, many of them will be used

  • As a result, it is wise not only to keep an eye on the runes that are used in these runes, but it is also wise to use more optimized foundations when constructing them

  • First and foremost, we have flickering flames, which can be constructed in three different homes with sleeves, including Druid fur with Neth pull and vex, so Druid fur should be given special consideration

  • The helmets are, of course, Druid helmets

  • They have a total of +3 different shooting abilities, such as doomsday showdown, at their disposal

  • By the way, I believe volcanoes may be another useful shooting skill

  • This holds true for almost all other offensive word bases, but you should pay particular attention to white rumor bases or white items, particularly Druids' fur


If they can roll, such as if they have very good shooting skills, you can use the heradick cube or the Lhasa to acquire your abilities and abilities. If you obtain very good plus three skills such as fire, you should use lasak to explore sockets and then maximize the number of sockets in the house so that you can sell it for a reasonable profit. Whatever the case, we now have a problem. What can be built with Zod is the disease in the stick, according to the cliche.

The first and most significant issue here is that it makes Zod roots even more valuable than they were before. Despite the fact that you are unlikely to come across a Zod, you should be aware that obtaining a Zod root is significantly more expensive than it was in the past. This is because previously, jaw and burr were the primary high runes that people sought after. If you don't find a Zod Rune at the end of the fight, this item will still have an effect on the person who initiated the fight. Because you want to find an employee base, which may increase three or three skills, you want to find the most useful skill source, which is based on the current meta, primarily Hydra and Nova, as well as any main cold skills, such as frozen ball and blizzard, because you want to find the most useful skill source based on the current meta, primarily Hydra and Nova, as well as any main cold skills, such as frozen ball and blizzard,So you want to enhance any of these skills by adding three new abilities. The last three abilities can be viewed as a bonus on top of the main reward.

Diablo 2 resurrected ladder items for sale can be used as a fireball for the second space movable skill, to be more specific. When you get three or three different skills, these skills are actually useful, and these skills will be a very sacred foundation, for example. Of course, you can get bigger for football, but I believe that even the white whip with these additional skills is extremely valuable. Another advantage is that if you come across ethereal sticks, you should pick them up as well because obsession makes use of Zod right, which makes them indestructible by default. Following that, we have a kind of Rune wisdom in the game, which can be applied to helmets as well as other items.


In addition to the newly improved throwing barb and boson, this is a good physical damage character item to have on hand as well. In general, it has the additional features of not freezing and increasing the attack level. After that, the next group of new and old Rune words is primarily useful for newly polished mercenaries, primarily the first act of thieves and the third act of desert wolf or iron wolf. Instead of the barbarians in Act 5, they have actually gained a new talent.

They will be able to wield two one-handed swords at the same time. Aside from that, they have the ability to cast ridicule, which makes them particularly useful for characters with squishier personalities, such as casters and range characters. Additionally, they can utilize the hit time mode on their equipment. Of course, before we enter the rune, there is something else to consider about mercenary equipment: etheric items are the first choice because they will not actually lose the durability that any mercenary would expect, nor will they differ from the benchmarking equipment in Act 5.

In addition to being able to be used in any type of sword or embedded in any type of sword, it can also be one handed or two handed, which means that it can be used by both types of barb Mercedes. For ak5 Mercedes, I don't believe this will be significantly more useful than the other rude words I'll be showing you, but it is a fantastic budget option nonetheless. Its primary advantage is that it can be used to create mockery, but for the bar logo, particularly if people choose the two-wheel option, it can actually be used to create mockery by default, so you don't actually need to have this moonlight wood to accomplish this. Following that, we have a new room word that is intended primarily for barbers.



This is plague, which may be more expensive because it requires Cham room

but I believe it is one of the best game options, especially when used in conjunction with mocking rod Merc, which is especially useful for casters. As a result of its ability to cast low resistance spells when hit, and the presence of a 17-level purified Aurora guide, it is a formidable competitor, at least among lightning characters. For the other element types, low resistance does not matter because immunity is not destroyed, but for lightning, infinity is essential. Whether you equip it on your protagonist, wield it in your fist like the paladin of heaven you see here, or use act to infinity Merc, infinity is essential. The catcher is a good choice for another Act II Merc for infinity because you can now make them with spears as well as with swords. You must be motivated to locate them. You are obviously aware that white and gray are ethereal and / or nested versions of their respective colors.

Not only that, but the spears also include Amazon spears and other exotic varieties. On top of the spear area that is currently being polished, you should look for a maternal spear for Amazon, add three javelins and Spear Skills, and return to Act 5 to assist the mercenary barbarian. Another very good and very inexpensive option, in my opinion, is the legal messenger and a sword combination. It not only gives him a chance to play pranks on you during the attack (which, by the way, will deplete your body immunity), but it also grants you another aura in the form of a sanctuary aura, such as plague, which is not only a good budget choice for the desert Mercer in terms of mercenary weapon selection before we enter the next item type, but it is also a good choice for deformed Druids.

And even I believe that the discovery of spirison provides us with additional reasons to search for catchers and other spears, such as matrilineal spears and other possibly smaller Amazon spears. Spears and next insight are primarily used for mana recovery, but they also have reasonably high damage and attack levels compared to other weapons. In addition, they can now be embedded in bows and arrows, making them more useful to thieves and even Amazon people in the game. This will provide us with even more motivation to locate the bow and arrow base in the future. By the way, since bows and arrows aren't ethereal, you'll just need to find better bows and arrows to use instead.

It is never a good idea to stay on white and sock embedded items like, for example. They are extremely good, sacred, and valuable skills that have recently been improved and refined. Like the fur on this Druid's body, even magical items can be extremely effective when used correctly. For example, trap assassins can also be used to launch Druids into the air. For assassins, you'll want to look for claws, set up two heated traps, and place three specific traps throughout the game. Fire trap assassins, for example, may also be included in this category, eh? In other words, you don't have to just look for yuan, such as the top yuan construction, such as fist of heaven, or like fire Druid, or even martial arts assassin, but even some other lower u skills are a little or a little higher, which is more feasible than before, which means that, when compared to before, there may be some needs for these types of items, or at least more needs. As a result, in addition to these suggestions, you should pay particular attention to one-of-a-kind items, such as Batok's killer, which is considered to be one of the best martial arts weapons, and other such items.